TF2 Map Appreciation Post #2 - koth_nucleus

In case you haven’t figured it out already, I tend to focus on the parts of the maps that I often overlook while playing. In this case, the sky. Which, for an embarrassingly long period of time, I didn’t even know was visible on this map.

Also, some of the textures on the map were fucked up, so I couldn’t take as many shots as I’d wanted. Sorry about that.

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I’ve got over 700 hours on record in TF2 and I’ve never really stopped to admire how pretty the game looks. Especially the stuff not in the playable area of the map, which might as well be invisible when I’m frantically dodging pipes and rockets.

Anyway, here’s TF2 Map Appreciation Post #1 - pl_barnblitz

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Screenshots taken in Garry’s Mod.